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Buckeye’s Quantitative Bracket 2/26

1: Kentucky, Virginia, Kansas, Duke

2: Villanova, Wisconsin, Arizona, Gonzaga

3: Maryland, Iowa State, VCU, Utah

4: Baylor, Louisville, North Carolina, Oklahoma

5: Georgetown, SMU, Wichita St, Providence

6: West Virginia, Arkansas, Butler, N. Iowa

7: Notre Dame, San Diego St, Colorado St., Michigan State

8: Oklahoma State, Indiana, Xavier, Mississippi

9: Texas A&M, Temple, Oregon, Pittsburgh,

10. Georgia, St. Johns, Texas, NC State

11. Tulsa, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Dayton

12. St. Mary’s, Iowa, UMass, Old Dominion, Buffalo, Wofford

13: Iona, Harvard, Green Bay, S.F. Austin

14: Murray St, Eastern Washington, Georgia St, UC Davis

15: High Point, Florida Gulf Coast, William & Mary, South Dakota St.

16: NC Central, Albany, NM State, Bucknell, St Francis (NY), Texas Southern

First Four Out:

LSU, Boise State, UCLA, Stanford,

Next Four Out:

BYU, Purdue, Illinois, UTEP

Also Considered:

Davidson, Miami FL, Rhode Island,  Valparaiso, Memphis

Buckeye’s Quantitative Bracket 2/18

The formula still thinks Kansas’ strength of schedule is too good to pass up a one. Other than that, things are starting to fall into place.

1:Kansas, Kentucky, Virginia, Villanova

2: Duke, Wisconsin, Arizona, Gonzaga,

3: Utah, VCU, North Carolina, Maryland,

4: Louisville, Iowa State, Baylor, Butler

5: Wichita St, Georgetown, Arkansas, Oklahoma

6: SMU, Providence, West Virginia, Notre Dame

7: N. Iowa, Oklahoma State, Texas, San Diego St

8: Colorado St., Indiana, Temple, Georgia

9: Xavier, Dayton, Michigan State, Cincinnati,

10. Mississippi, Ohio State, Iowa, NC State

11. St. Johns, UCLA, Stanford, Texas A&M

12. UMass, Oregon, Illinois, Pittsburgh, Wofford, Harvard

13: Iona, Green Bay, Bowling Green, Murray St

14: Eastern Washington, Sam Houston State, Georgia St, UC Davis

15: High Point, Florida Gulf Coast, William & Mary, South Dakota St.

16: NC Central, Albany, NM State, Bucknell, St Francis (NY), Texas Southern

First Four Out:

LSU, Tulsa, Boise State, St. Mary’s

Next Four Out:

BYU, Old Dominion, Miami FL, Purdue

Also Considered:

UTEP, Davidson, Clemson, Minnesota, Buffalo, Rhode Island, La Salle, Tennessee, Valparaiso, Alabama, Seton Hall

Buckeye’s Bracket 2/10

A Couple of Notes:

1. Eventually Kansas will fall off of this one line. Their schedule is so strong the formula wants to keep them up there, but eventually their win/loss will take over and they will start to slide.

2. VCU and Gonzaga are very close. As VCU plays a weaker schedule those two will flip and VCU will slide and Gonzaga will move up.

1: Kansas, Kentucky, Virginia, Duke

2: Wisconsin, Villanova, Arizona, VCU

3: Gonzaga, North Carolina, Baylor, Louisville

4: Utah, Iowa State, Wichita St., Maryland

5: Butler, Oklahoma, Georgetown, N. Iowa

6: Providence, Oklahoma State, Cincinnati, Georgia,

7: Arkansas, West Virginia, Notre Dame, SMU

8: San Diego St, Indiana, Colorado St., Temple

9: Texas, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Xavier

10. Mississippi, Iowa, Tulsa, St. Johns,

11. Stanford, Dayton, Old Dominion, Michigan State

12. Boise State, Oregon, UCLA, Miami, Wofford, Buffalo

13: Green Bay, Harvard, Iona, Murray St

14: Eastern Washington, Stephen F. Austin, Georgia St, William & Mary,

15: UC Davis, High Point, Lafayette, NC Central

16: South Dakota St, Florida Gulf Coast, Albany, NM State, St Francis (PA), Texas Southern

First Four Out:

Illinois, LSU, UMass, NC State

Next Four Out:

Seton Hall, Pittsburgh, St. Mary’s, Rhode Island

Also Considered:

George Washington, Alabama, Purdue, BYU, Oregon State, Florida, Michigan, Clemson, Memphis, Davidson, Wyoming, Washington, Tennessee

HTTV Bracket: 2/9/15


1: Kentucky*, Virginia*, Wisconsin*, Gonzaga*
2: Duke, Arizona*, Villanova*, Utah
3: Louisville, Ohio St, North Carolina, Kansas*
4: Notre Dame, Baylor, Oklahoma, Iowa St
5: Wichita St*, Butler, West Virginia, Northern Iowa
6: Arkansas, VCU*, Maryland, Texas
7: SMU*, Michigan St, Oklahoma St, Georgetown
8: Xavier, Iowa, Dayton, Providence
9: Stanford, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado St
10: San Diego St*, Georgia, Mississippi, BYU
11: SF Austin*, Davidson, Texas A&M, Cincinnati
12: St Mary’s/Purdue, St John’s/Minnesota, Murray St*, Green Bay*
13: Iona*, Louisiana Tech*, UC Davis*, Wofford*
14: Harvard*, Akron*, E Washington*, William & Mary*
15: Georgia St*, S Dakota St*, NC Central*, N Mexico St*
16: Albany*, St Francis NY*, Radford*, N Florida*, Alabama St*, Colgate*
FIRST FOUR OUT: LSU, Old Dominion, Miami FL, Rhode Island
NEXT FOUR OUT: George Washington, NC State, Seton Hall, Oregon
THIRD FOUR OUT: Boise St, Valparaiso, Florida, Tulsa

Buckeyes Bracket 2/3

Things are starting to fall into place as strength of schedule becomes more accurate. VCU has fallen off the one line and Notre Dame has moved up a bit. Both should continue their trend as SOS plays more of a factor. Remember, this is all quantitative so the more data that exists the better it will work out.

1: Kansas, Kentucky, Virginia, Arizona

2: VCU, Duke, Villanova, Wisconsin

3: Gonzaga, North Carolina, Utah, Louisville

4: Iowa State, Wichita St., Baylor, Butler

5: Maryland, Georgetown, West Virginia, N. Iowa

6: Providence, SMU, Oklahoma, Arkansas

7: San Diego St, Notre Dame, Xavier, Georgia

8: Indiana, Texas, Ohio State, Texas A&M

9: Colorado St., Cincinnati, Stanford, Seton Hall

10. Michigan State, LSU, Dayton, NC State

11. St. Johns, Temple, Oklahoma St, Old Dominion

12. Tulsa, Mississippi, Iowa, Tennessee, Buffalo, Wofford

13: Green Bay, Iona, Murray St, Yale

14: Eastern Washington, William & Mary, Long Beach St, Stephen F. Austin

15: Georgia St, High Point, Stony Brook, NC Central

16: South Dakota St, Lafayette, Florida Gulf Coast, NM State, St Francis (PA), Texas Southern

First Four Out:

Miami FL, Oregon, Alabama, Davidson

Next Four Out:

Florida, BYU, Michigan, Boise State

Also Considered:

Richmond, UCLA, Saint Mary’s, Massachusetts, Memphis, Syracuse, Illinois, Rhode Island, George Washington, Clemson, W. Kentucky, Washington, Purdue, Kansas St

HTTV Bracket: 2/2/15


1: Kentucky*, Virginia*, Gonzaga*, Wisconsin*
2: Arizona*, Duke, Villanova*, Louisville
3: Ohio St, Utah, North Carolina, Notre Dame
4: Kansas*, West Virginia, Iowa St, Baylor
5: Wichita St*, Oklahoma, Butler, VCU*
6: Northern Iowa, Maryland, SMU*, Georgetown
7: Michigan St, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado St
8: San Diego St*, Xavier, Dayton, Stanford
9: Indiana, Providence, BYU, Oklahoma St
10: Davidson, Georgia, Seton Hall, Texas_A&M
11: St John’s, LSU, NC State, Illinois, Cincinnati
12: Mississippi, Iowa, SF Austin*, Murray St*, Green Bay*
13: Louisiana Tech*, Iona*, Akron*, Wofford*
14: William & Mary*, S Dakota St*, Georgia St*, E Washington*
15: Yale*, New Mexico St*, NC Central*, Long Beach St*
16: High Point*, Albany*, St Francis NY*, N Florida*, Colgate*, TX Southern*
FIRST FOUR OUT: TCU, Purdue, St Mary’s, Syracuse
NEXT FOUR OUT: Old Dominion, Florida, Miami FL, Minnesota
THIRD FOUR OUT: Tulsa, George Washington, Rhode Island, South Carolina

Buckeye Bracket 1/28

1: Kansas, Kentucky, Virginia, VCU

2: Duke, Arizona, Villanova, Wisconsin

3: Gonzaga, North Carolina, Utah, Georgetown,

4: Maryland, Baylor, Wichita St., Iowa State,

5: Butler, Louisville, West Virginia, Providence

6: Arkansas, SMU, Georgia, Texas

7: N. Iowa, Cincinnati, Dayton, Indiana,

8: Oklahoma St, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, San Diego St

9: Miami FL, Stanford, Notre Dame, Colorado St.

10: NC State, Xavier, LSU, Ohio St,

11: St. Johns, Michigan State, Seton Hall, Mississippi

12: Alabama, Davidson, Old Dominion, Washington, Wofford, Iona

13: Buffalo, Green Bay, Eastern Washington, Harvard,

14:  Northeastern, High Point, Long Beach St, NC Central

15: Murray St, Stony Brook, Stephen F. Austin, American

16: Georgia St., South Dakota St, Florida Gulf Coast, NM State, St Francis (PA), Texas Southern

First Four Out:

Saint Mary’s, Iowa, Tennessee, Tulsa

Next Four Out:

Temple, Michigan, Oregon, George Washington

Also Considered:

Boise St., BYU, Illinois, Syracuse, W. Kentucky, Rhode Island, Memphis, Oregon St, Connecticut, Kansas St, UCLA, UMass, Bowling Green


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