Buckeyes Random Rant #3 Kansas State

So I haven’t done one of these for awhile, so I thought I should soon and this seems like perfect timing as I am getting a lot of criticism for keeping Kansas State as a #3 seed in my latest bracket. Here is my reason why. Let’s say for my arguments sake that I have Kansas State as the 12th best team in the nation, I personally don’t see why that is such a ridiculous idea. They have four losses all to tournament teams (one of which is to Duke). And they have impressive wins over Virginia Tech, Gonzaga and Washington State, all teams that I either have in the tournament, or right on the cusp. Also my brackets are made by how I expect the tournament to end up and I think Kansas State is going to pick it up soon as they get into the heart of their schedule. They play at Missouri and at Texas A&M in a five day stretch late in January and follow those up with games against bubble teams in Baylor, Nebraska, and Iowa State. They have three wins over top 50 teams which is definitely something to notice. So if Kansas State keeps losing (you know since everyone is freaking out after one loss to Oklahoma State) then I will write an apology letter but for now, Kansas State, I believe in you, go out and get that three seed!


Random Rant #2 Saint Mary’s

Forgive me if I am off base, but i don’t see the hype around Saint Mary’s right now. I guess it is possible that I am missing something as 17 of the 18 (I am the one) of the bracketologists currently have Saint Mary’s in the field. I guess I can understand a couple, but everyone except me is ridiculous. There record is good but not great (7-2). They have a win over Saint Johns but after that their best win is against Texas Tech. They lost to San Diego State by double digits (14), and their rebounds are struggling a little bit. I am not saying they aren’t a good team, clearly they are, and I actually believe there is a good chance they will get an at large bid when all is said and done (purely because of their easy schedule from here on out) but I do not think that as of right now they are one of the best 37 (number of at large bids) in the nation. Which means that the only way they would get in for me, is if they win the West Coast, and I’m sticking by Gonzaga…for now.



New Section! (on Buckeyes page)

Buckeye has just added a new section to his page in addition to my bracketology and bubble analysis. I now have a section I like to call “Random Rants”. The idea is easy, whenever I see something I really want to complain about that other people are doing or not doing, I will put it here and voice my opinion. So here is my first one about a small team getting way too much respect. These will be posted on the main page as well as my page in order to keep archives.

Random Rant #1:

Stop Picking South Dakota State to win the Summit League! Yes I know its not really a rant people really care about but in all honesty the idea is ridiculous. People think that because they are 6-0 they are some awesome mid-major who is going to make the Sweet 16. I don’t even see a way they win the Summit, I still hold by the idea that Oakland will be returning to the NCAA Tournament as the lone team from the Summit. So yes, I don’t care if South Dakota State beat Iowa, because Iowa also lost to Long Beach State and Wake Forest. Not to mention four of SDSU’s six wins are at home, their is no way they make it through their conference tournament without losing.