Weekly Picks: 2/2/11

Last Week: 3-3

Overall: 3-3

Wednesday: Duke @ Maryland

This game is important for both teams, but in different ways. Duke is looking to rebound after being handled easily at St. John’s, while a Maryland victory at home would put them on the good side of the bubble. Duke has suffered both of its losses on the road, while Maryland is 10-3 at home. My pick: Duke – correct

Thursday: Gonzaga @ Portland

Thursday is not filled with many key matchups, so this one might end up being the closest as Gonzaga is on the road. Gonzaga is still hanging onto the bubble, and a loss here would possibly knock them out of the tournament. Portland is actually better than you might think; they recently beat St. Mary’s at home. Gonzaga is only 2-4 on the road, while Portland only has one loss at home. My pick: Gonzaga – correct

Friday: Harvard @ Princeton

As always, Friday seems to be uneventful, but this game could possibly be the determining factor in which team gets the Ivy League bid. Both teams have suffered all of their losses away from, so Princeton could be considered to have an advantage there. Harvard is 5-3 on the road, but I think its stronger schedule will help them out. My pick: Harvard – wrong

Saturday: Alabama @ Tennessee

I would be wrong in saying that this will be the most appealing game on Saturday, but this game could prove to be very important in the SEC standings. Surprisingly, Alabama has the best conference record at 5-1, while Tennessee has suffered two conference losses. Alabama also recently beat Kentucky. Alabama is 2-4 on the road, while Tennessee is 9-4 at home. Alabama has been playing well as of late, but Tennessee will probably be too much for them. My pick: Tennessee – wrong

Sunday: Ohio State @ Minnesota

Both teams are practically locks for the tournament, but this should be a good matchup as Minnesota looks to deal Ohio State its first loss of the season. Minnesota will look to rebound after a road loss to Purdue. In the first meeting between these teams, Ohio State won at home by three. It is worth noting that Minnesota is also 11-1 at home this season, the loss coming in November. My pick: Ohio State – correct

Monday: Pittsburgh @ West Virginia

In my opinion, there aren’t really any key matchups on Monday, but this game should be the closest. Pittsburgh looks to hold onto a potential one seed in the tournament,  while West Virginia looks to improve its resumé. West Virginia is 8-1 at home, but Pittsburgh has not lost on the road yet. My pick: Pittsburgh – correct

Tuesday: Xavier @ Georgia

There are not really any highly ranked games on Tuesday, but this matchup should be a good nonconference battle, as both teams look to improve their seeds come tournament time. Xavier is on a seven game win streak, while Georgia looks to rebound after two straight conference losses. Xavier is 3-3 on the road, while Georgia is 9-2 at home. My pick: Georgia – wrong


Weekly Picks

I think I am going to start doing this every Wednesday (maybe this is a weird date but whatever) until the conference tournaments. I will pick one game from each day of the week that I think is important when it comes tournament time and what I think will be the closest games, and keep track of my record. Some of the analysis might be out of date once those last couple of games roll around. I might change a pick if I have a change in heart.

Wednesday: San Diego State @ BYU

I have been waiting for this game for a while now. San Diego State looks to stay undefeated while BYU has only one loss. BYU is undefeated at home and this should be a good one. Whoever wins can consider themselves the best in the Mountain West. My pick: BYUcorrect

Thursday: St. Mary’s @ Gonzaga

Gonzaga comes back home after losing two straight on the road. St. Mary’s is fresh off a 19-point loss to Vanderbilt. This game would be huge for Gonzaga as they are clinging on to a tournament spot as of now. They are 9-2 at home. My pick: St. Mary’scorrect

Friday: no crucial games for tourney teams in my opinion

Saturday: Syracuse @ Marquette

There are many other good games on Saturday like always, but this one is the most important in my opinion. Marquette is coming off two close losses to tough teams, while Syracuse recently got smacked by a sub-.500 Seton Hall to extend their losing streak to three games. Syracuse could really use a win here, while a Marquette win would possibly move Marquette up to an 8 or 9 seed. My pick: Syracuse – wrong

Sunday: Washington @ Washington State

There are a couple of other decent conference matchups, but I think this Pac-10 battle will be the closest. Washington looks to improve on its 7-1 conference record, while Washington State is hanging on to the bubble even though they are 4-4 in conference play and have no impressive wins. Washington State has a good shot at home, where they are 8-2. My pick: Washingtonwrong

Monday: Texas @ Texas A&M

Texas is playing strong basketball as of late, while A&M still boasts a strong record with only two losses. These two teams already met, with Texas winning by 21 at home. A&M will look to avenge that loss at home, where they are still undefeated. It is worth noting that Texas is 4-1 on the road. My pick: Texas – correct

Tuesday: Purdue @ Wisconsin

Purdue just took a tough loss on the road to Ohio State, while Wisconsin has won three in a row. With both teams around the range of a 3-5 seed in the tournament as of now, this game could give the winner a boost. Purdue is 4-3 on the road, while Wisconsin is still undefeated at home. I think this is a game that Purdue gets back on track and gives Wisconsin its first home loss. My pick: Purdue – wrong