Power Rankings: Jan 13

First update in a month, so a lot of movement. My opinion plays a great part in these, so they might be a bit different from someone else’s opinion. These are based on how they have been doing recently and how I think they would do in the tournament.

Rising: Arizona, Cincinnati, Belmont

Falling: Tennessee, Kansas State, Georgetown

Top 5

1) (+1)  Ohio State (17-0) – BW: Florida

2) (+2) Kansas (16-0) – BW: Arizona

3) (-2) Duke (15-1) – BW: Maryland, WL: Florida State

4) (+6) Pittsburgh (16-1) – BW: Texas, WL: Tennessee

5) (-2) BYU (16-1) – BW: St. Mary’s, WL: UCLA



November 12th Notable Results

Welcome to the first post of the 2010/2011 College Basketball Season! Here are some results that could end up meaning something when it comes time to pick the bracket in March.

21 Georgetown 62, Old Dominion 59

Although this is not an upset, Old Dominion was in this game the entire time and not pulling it out could hurt their at large chances especially because Old Dominions only other game against a currently ranked team is Missouri and they play in a sub-par conference.

22 Temple 62, Seton Hall 56

Big win for Temple, tough loss for Seton Hall. If Seton Hall truly wanted a shot as an at large they needed a win in this one because they are going to have a tough time in their conference to get to .500. Now they have to not only perform well in the conference but also perform extremely well in the rest of their non-conference games to have a legitimate shot.

Gardner Webb 78, Charlotte 70

The only reason this game is on here because Charlotte was an at large candidate until the last week last year and a loss to Gardner Webb is going to severely hurt their chances of getting an at large this year. On the flip side Gardner (at the time of this draft) is 2-0 and with the schedule they have, with some wins have an argument for an at-large. Not that they are going to win, but if they do, they could get a bid.

Stetson 89, Wake Forest 79

Probably the most surprising result of the season so far. I miss the days where Wake Forest was a two seed in the NCAA tournament, now they are losing to a team who has the nickname ‘hatters’ (no offense to any Stetson fans). Luckily for Wake Forest they have the ACC to pick it back up.

Austin Peay 64, Saint Louis 62

What happened to the Atlantic 10 in these first couple days? Saint Louis, Charlotte and Rhode Island (although Rhode Island shouldn’t be in this group since they played Pittsburgh) all lose early. Makes you wonder how they did so well last year, and whether this will last or not.

UNC-Asheville 70, Auburn 69

Yeah so they aren’t the pride of the SEC but they are still a major team who shouldn’t be losing a branch school. Again though, like Wake Forest, not time to worry, they can pick it up in the conference.

I was going to include November 13th notable results on here but unless you count Yale going down as “notable” Saturday left us nothing to talk about.

Grant (AKA Buckeye)