Grant’s Bracket 1/31

Through and including games played on Wednesday, January 30th

  1. Tennessee, Duke, Michigan, Virginia
  2. Gonzaga, Kentucky, Michigan State, North Carolina
  3. Marquette, Kansas, Nevada, Villanova
  4. Houston, Louisville, Purdue, Iowa State
  5. LSU, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Kansas State
  6. Texas Tech, Wisconsin, Florida State, Oklahoma
  7. Syracuse, Mississippi State, Cincinnati, Buffalo
  8. TCU, Minnesota, Iowa, St. Johns
  9. Auburn, Ole Miss, UCF, Alabama
  10. Temple, Seton Hall, Baylor, Ohio State
  11. Arizona State, Texas, Washington, Nebraska, North Carolina State, Davidson
  12. Wofford, Lipscomb, Hofstra, Murray State
  13. VCU, Yale, Vermont, New Mexico State
  14. Northern Kentucky, Texas State, South Dakota State, North Texas
  15. Montana, Radford, UC Irvine, Loyola Chicago
  16. Lehigh, Abilene Christian, Rider, Fairleigh Dickinson, Prairie View, Norfolk State

First Four Out: Indiana, UNC Greensboro, Florida, Creighton

Next Four Out: Butler, Clemson, Memphis, Arizona,

Third Four Out: Oregon, Pittsburgh, Utah State, San Francisco

Also Considered (In Order): Saint Mary’s, Liberty, Northwestern, Toledo, Arkansas, Belmont, Oklahoma State, Providence, ETSU, UConn, Fresno State, Furman, USC, South Florida, Oregon State, Grand Canyon, Penn, Penn State, Utah, Xavier, Georgetown, UCLA, Tulsa, Georgia, Missouri, Dayton, Georgia Tech, San Diego, Notre Dame, Old Dominion


The Grant Rant – Saint Louis Edition

Welcome to The Grant Rant. Expect this segment to pop up randomly when I feel like ranting about something. I could go weeks without a rant, or I could rant multiple times in a single post, you never know when it’s coming (and neither do I!).

This week I’m ranting about Saint Louis. Why rant about a team so on the fringes of the bubble that they could end up on the wrong side of the NIT? Because it’s my rant and I can do what I want.

I had Saint Louis in my “Next Four Out” as recently as yesterday. They seemed to have some decent pros in their favor. A 14-6 record including 5-2 in a decent Atlantic 10 conference. A win at Seton Hall, a team currently sitting on the right side of the bubble (and that I tend to be higher on than most bracket makers on the matrix. And sprinkle in a home win against a bubbling Butler team and I thought, and still think this team has the foundation of a decent resume, especially in a weak bubble year such as this one is shaping up to be.

So what exactly is my rant? Well yesterday’s home loss to a bad Richmond team (who had a NET ranking of 210 coming into the game) didn’t do them any favors. But outside of the win at Seton Hall, Saint Louis’ best showing away from home? La Salle, currently ranked 239th in the NCAA NET Rankings. And after that? Fordham, 257. And after that? No one. Three wins away from home, two of them in bottom third of teams in all of D1.

After dropping them out of my First, Next, and Third four out, they fell victim to “also considered” process in which I stop ranking teams myself and fill out every team in the top 100 (at this point of the season) of NCAA’s NET Rankings that haven’t yet been listed*. Saint Louis’ new ranking? 109. Hence why they aren’t listed above anymore.

*I do this to avoid group think in my analysis. Too often I see bracketologists using each other and including teams that have no right to be included because someone else did that. This way, objective metrics determine who gets a spot on my posts and keeps them at top of mind.



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