Grant’s First Bracket 1/9/2019

Time for the first bracket of the year. As we get closer and closer I’ll add more detail and start introducing other kinds of posts as well. These will be like team bios, arguments for and against the grain, blind resumes, etc. Feel free to offer suggestions for what you’d like to see!

  1. Duke, Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia
  2. Michigan State, Kansas, North Carolina, Gonzaga
  3. Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, Auburn
  4. Houston, Nevada, Florida State, Mississippi State,
  5. Kentucky, North Carolina State, Ohio State, Indiana
  6. Marquette, Wisconsin, Iowa State, Villanova
  7. Buffalo, St. John’s, Nebraska, TCU
  8. Louisville, Minnesota, Maryland, Cincinnati
  9. Purdue, Seton Hall, Texas, LSU
  10. Iowa, UCF, Arizona State, Creighton
  11. Ole Miss, Kansas State, Arizona, Syracuse, Butler, Clemson
  12. Wofford, Murray State, Liberty, North Texas
  13. VCU, Hofstra, Yale, Radford
  14. Vermont, UC Irvine, New Mexico State, Loyola Chicago
  15. Montana, Northern Kentucky, South Dakota State, Georgia Southern,
  16. Lehigh, Abiline Christian, Texas Southern, Rider, Wagner, NC A&T

First Four Out: Alabama, Florida, San Francisco, Washington

Next Four Out: Temple, Utah State, Arkansas, Vanderbilt

Also Considered: Lipscomb, Northwestern, UNC Greensboro, Temple, Furman, Saint Louis, Saint Mary’s, Oklahoma State, Dayton, ETSU, Fresno State, Memphis, Ball State, Baylor, Tulsa, Old Dominion, Penn State, Missouri, Charleston, Toledo, Oregon, Oregon State, Georgia, Notre Dame, Xavier, Pittsburgh, Belmont, UCLA, Texas State, Providence, Colorado, Miami, USC, Davidson, Georgia Tech, Southern Florida, Utah, Georgetown, West Virginia


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