HTTV Bracket: 12/4/17

Through games on Sunday, December 3

1: Villanova*, Texas A&M*, Kansas*, Duke*
2: North Carolina, Virginia, Xavier, Michigan St*
3: Tennessee, Arizona St*, Miami FL, Florida
4: Nevada*, Purdue, TCU, West Virginia
5: Wichita St, Seton Hall, Clemson, Missouri
6: Temple*, Gonzaga*, Arkansas, Notre Dame
7: Texas, Syracuse, Minnesota, Florida St
8: Rhode Island*, Utah, SMU, Kentucky
9: St John’s, Auburn, Arizona, Texas Tech
10: Northern Iowa*, Alabama, Virginia Tech, Creighton
11: Penn St, South Carolina, Cincinnati, Providence/Oklahoma
12: Kansas St/Louisville, Towson*, MTSU*, TX Arlington*
13: UC Davis*, N Mexico St*, Vermont*, Murray St*
14: N Kentucky*, South Dakota*, FL Gulf Coast*, Buffalo*
15: Rider*, Portland St*, Mercer*, Penn*
16: Army*, Wagner*, UNC Asheville*/Lamar*, Prairie View*/NC A&T*

FIRST FOUR OUT: Maryland, San Diego St, USC, Baylor
NEXT FOUR OUT: Houston, Ohio St, Oklahoma St, NC State

ACC (10), SEC (9), Big 12 (7), Big East (6)
Big Ten (4), American (4), Pac 12 (3)


2 thoughts on “HTTV Bracket: 12/4/17

  1. Prime Time,

    First of all thanks for answering my last comment πŸ™‚

    Secondly, i appreciate your willingness to put your bracket out there for debate. I don’t have the courage to do so, so at least your fortitude to withstand the occasional assault on your position should be applauded.

    Now to this week. I tend to use a combination of the Bracket Matrix and Kenpom (Ken Pomeroy) as my gauge markers as to reasonableness to an individual bracket. With that as my methodology, here are my concerns with your recent bracket:

    You have these teams to low –
    11 – Cincinnati (Matrix is 3, Kenpom 3)
    9 – Texas Tech (Matrix is 6, Kenpom 4)
    8 – Kentucky (Matrix is 3, Kenpom 3)
    5 – Wichita State (Matrix is 2, Kenpom 2)

    You have these teams to high –
    3 – Arizona State (Matrix is 7, Kenpom 14)
    4 – Nevada (Matrix is 8, Kenpom 8)
    5 – Missouri (Matrix is 14, Kenpom 14)
    6 – Temple (Matrix is 10, Kenpom 11)
    7 – Syracuse (Matrix is 11, Kenpom 14)
    8 – Utah (Matrix is 11, Kenpom 15)


    1. Hi Larry,

      Thank you for following, and I am more than happy to explain my reasoning in my projections. I do consider KenPom rankings in my bracket, but I am not that concerned with how I stack up compared to the Bracket Matrix at this point in the season. I will run through the teams you mentioned and give a quick thought relating to each.

      Cincinnati – they haven’t done anything of note so far in the season, and a potential win against Florida would not be as impressive as once thought. They will have to do good work in their conference to get a high seed.

      Texas Tech – picked up a good win against Nevada since this bracket, will likely move up in the next update

      Kentucky – like I said in my previous response to you, I am not convinced by them yet and the SEC looks to be deep this year

      Wichita St – I just don’t believe they will have the resume of a 2 seed at the end of the year

      Arizona St – They have been the most impressive team in the Pac 12 to date, with good wins against Kansas St and Xavier. A tough weekend ahead for them with St John’s and Kansas

      Nevada – Will likely move down in my next update given their loss to Texas Tech

      Missouri – in my opinion, a team that could be better than expected.

      Temple – already have some solid wins against Clemson, Auburn, South Carolina, and Wisconsin.

      Syracuse – haven’t done anything impressive, but a winning record in the ACC will get them a good seed, as there are plenty of opportunities for good wins.

      Utah – will drop after their loss to Butler

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