Buckeye’s Bracket 3/2/17

Updated Through March 1st Games

1. Kansas, Villanova, Gonzaga, North Carolina

2. Baylor, Kentucky, Louisville, Oregon

3. Florida, Arizona, UCLA, Butler

4. Duke, Florida State, Virginia, Purdue

5. Notre Dame, West Virginia, Cincinnati, Minnesota

6. St. Mary’s, Wisconsin, Creighton, Dayton

7. SMU, Maryland, South Carolina, Iowa State

8. Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, Miami, Arkansas

9. Xavier, Northwestern, Michigan State, USC

10. VCU, Michigan, Seton Hall, Wichita State

11. Providence, Marquette, California/Wake Forest, Syracuse/Illinois State

12. Middle Tennessee, NC-Wilmington, Nevada, Princeton

13. Vermont, East Tennessee State, Texas-Arlington, Monmouth

14. Bucknell, Belmont, Valparaiso, Ohio

15. New Mexico State, Winthrop, Florida Gulf Coast, South Dakota

16. UC Irvine, North Carolina Central, North Dakota, New Orleans, Texas Southern, Mount Saint Mary’s

First Four Out: Vanderbilt, Kansas State, Illinois, Rhode Island

Second Four Out: Georgia, Ohio State, TCU, Georgia Tech

The Rest, In Order: Tennessee, Houston, BYU, Clemson, Indiana, Texas Tech


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