Buckeye’s Bracket 2/25/16

VCU’s loss to George Mason moves them out, Washington was my first team out but they lost, so Alabama becomes the primary benefactor at the moment. Vanderbilt is now the first team out with VCU right behind them.

Top line shook up in order with Villanova’s loss to Xavier, but not overall for the teams on the line. Also interesting to see 7 of the 8 highest seeded teams coming from three conferences (That definitely won’t be the case in the end once conference tournaments start)

Updated after all Feb. 24th games

1. Kansas, Oklahoma, Xavier, Villanova

2. Miami, Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan State

3. Maryland, Oregon, Kentucky, West Virginia

4. Duke, Utah, Iowa, Arizona

5. Baylor, Iowa State, Dayton, Texas A&M

6. Indiana, Purdue, California, USC

7. South Carolina, Notre Dame, Texas, Providence

8. Pittsburgh, Texas Tech, Saint Josephs, Wisconsin

9. Colorado, Wichita State, Michigan, Connecticut

10. Florida, Syracuse, Oregon State, Monmouth

11. Seton Hall, Tulsa, Butler, Temple, Cincinnati, Alabama

12. San Diego State, Valparaiso, Arkansas Little-Rock, St. Mary’s

13. Hawaii, Akron, UNC Wilmington, Chattanooga

14. Yale, Stony Brook, UAB, S. Dakota State

15. SF Austin, Belmont, New Mexico State, Winthrop

16. North Florida, Weber State, Bucknell, Texas Southern, Wagner, Hampton

First Four Out: Vanderbilt, VCU, Gonzaga, UCLA

Next Four Out: Florida State, St. Bonaventure, George Washington, Washington

Third Four Out: Kansas State, Creighton, Clemson, Princeton

Also Considered (In Order): BYU, Georgia Tech, Houston, Ohio State, NC State, Georgetown, James Madison, Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss, Arizona State, Evansville


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