Buckeye’s Bracket 3/12

1: Kentucky, Duke, Virginia, Villanova,

2: Kansas, Wisconsin, Arizona, Gonzaga

3: Baylor, Maryland, Iowa State, Louisville

4: North Carolina, SMU, Oklahoma, Georgetown

5: Utah, N. Iowa, VCU, West Virginia

6: Wichita St, Arkansas, Providence, Notre Dame

7: Butler, Michigan State, Oregon, San Diego St

8: Colorado St., St. Johns, Iowa, Cincinnati

9: Temple, BYU, Davidson, Georgia,

10. NC State, Ohio State, Texas, Xavier

11. Dayton, Buffalo, Old Dominion, LSU

12. Tulsa, Oklahoma State, Boise State, Mississippi, S.F. Austin, UCLA

13: Wofford, Harvard, Valparaiso, UC Davis

14: Georgia St, Eastern Washington, Northeastern, North Dakota St.

15: Albany, Belmont, NM State, Lafayette

16: NC Central, Coastal Carolina, Texas Southern, Robert Morris, Manhattan, North Florida

First Four Out:

Indiana, Texas A&M, Purdue, Miami FL,

Next Four Out:

Stanford, Illinois, Richmond, St. Mary’s

Also Considered:

Louisiana Tech, Pittsburgh, Iona, Rhode Island, Green Bay, Murray St, UMass


2 thoughts on “Buckeye’s Bracket 3/12

  1. You clearly don’t watch any ACC ball… ND has beaten UNC and Louisville on the road, finished higher than both teams in the ACC, performed better against teams like Duke and Virginia, and you’re going to put them ahead of ND? Let alone have ND as a 6? You’re purposely going for a low score in the BracketMatrix, aren’t you…

    1. Hey j, thank you for your input. You may not have read my previous posts so I’m happy to fill you in on how my bracket works. This is purely quantitative. It uses a formula that takes certain metrics into account. Unfortunately, the formula only fully works once all the games are played. Thus, Notre Dame (who was a six in this bracket) is now a 3 given that their season is done. Thanks for reading!

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