Buckeye’s Bracket 3/1

Not much has changed since yesterday. Moved High Point in.


1. Arizona, Florida, Syracuse, Wichita State

2. Kansas, Villanova, Iowa State, Creighton

3. Michigan, Michigan State, Cincinnati, San Diego State

4. Wisconsin, Duke, Texas, Saint Louis

5. Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts, Louisville

6. North Carolina, Ohio State, UCLA, Oklahoma

7. Connecticut, Kansas State, Colorado, Iowa

8. Pittsburgh, George Washington, New Mexico, Arizona State

9. Memphis, VCU, Stanford, Gonzaga

10. Baylor, SMU, Oregon, California

11. Oklahoma State, Minnesota, Saint Josephs, Missouri

12. Xavier, Arkansas, BYU, Western Michigan, Southern Miss, Harvard

13. Green Bay, North Dakota State, Stephen F. Austin, Belmont

14. Utah Valley, Iona, Mercer, Delaware

15. Boston, UCSB, Georgia State, Davidson

16. NC Central, Vermont, Robert Morris, Weber State, High Point, Alabama State


First Four Out: Providence, Richmond, Tennessee, Saint Johns

Next Four Out: Dayton, LSU, Georgetown, Nebraska

Third Four Out: Florida State, Louisiana Tech, Saint Mary’s, Indiana, 

Fourth Four Out: Toledo, Utah, Ole Miss, Marquette

Fifth Four Out: Middle Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri State, Clemson


Also Considered: West Virginia, UTEP, UNLV, Georgia, NC State, Maryland, Ohio, Boise State, Wyoming


47 Teams for 18 Spots


One thought on “Buckeye’s Bracket 3/1

  1. How is Wisconsin a 4 seed? There RPI and SOS are top 5, they had one poor stretch of play for 2.5 weeks this season, and have been flawless besides that. They have non-conference wins over Florida, Virginia, St. Louis, & Green Bay (those teams are a combined 55-4 in conference play) and only 1 of those games was @ Wisconsin. They also beast St. Johns, West Virginia, and Marquette (1 of those 3 are likely to make the tournament) in non-conference play. How are they in non-home games this season? 10-2, with wins over @Virginia, N-St. Louis, @Green Bay, @Michigan, @Iowa.

    That’s not a 4-seed resume, that’s a 2-seed resume and IF they win out (unlikely), they will be a 1 seed.

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