First Bracket Of The Season!

Welcome back to Prime Time Bracketology!

This is my first bracket of the season. Feel free to comment with opinions but realize that this being the first bracket, there is little chance of you convincing me I’m wrong. However, if you see I’ve made a mistake (which is possible, first bracket is the most difficult, I may have skipped a small-time conference), than please let me know!

I’ll start adding in First Four Out, Next Four Out, and all of that in the upcoming brackets. No real need for it now.

1. Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State, Duke

2. Kansas, Arizona, Michigan, Syracuse

3. Florida, Ohio State, North Carolina, Gonzaga

4. Marquette, Memphis, UCONN, Notre Dame

5. UCLA, Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, Wichita State

6. Tennessee, New Mexico, Oregon, Virginia Commonwealth

7. Baylor, Virginia, Indiana, Villanova

8. Colorado, Pittsburgh, Creighton, Tennessee

9. Georgetown, St. Louis, San Diego State, UNLV

10. Harvard, Cincinnati, Kansas State, Missouri

11. Ole Miss, La Salle, Iowa, Boise State

12. Louisiana Tech, Akron, New Mexico State, Purdue, California, BYU

13. Wright State, Davidson, Eastern Kentucky, Boston

14. Stony Brook, Drexel, Manhattan, Northwestern State

15. Mercer, High Point, Long Beach State, North Dakota State

16. Weber State, High Point, Norfolk State, Wagner, Georgia State, Texas Southern


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