Buckeye’s Final Bracket

It’s been a fun ride! This is my final bracket of the year. After doing some extra research I have decided that even if Wisconsin beats Ohio State in the B1G Championship, I still think Marquette and Arizona’s overall body of work are better and worthy of a 4. This leaves Wisconsin with a 5. No matter what happens, I believe Ohio State deserves a 3.

The teams below are now organized according to my S-Curve. The first team on each seed line is the best (in my opinion) and the last is the worst. (This S-Curve is pending the result of the B1G Championship, I believe a Wisconsin win would move them ahead of UNLV on the S-Curve but it wouldn’t change the seed line so it doesn’t really matter).


1: Gonzaga, Louisville, Indiana, Duke

2: Kansas, Miami, Georgetown, New Mexico

3: Michigan State, Ohio State, Florida, Michigan

4: Arizona, Marquette, Kansas State, Syracuse

5: UNLV, Wisconsin, Saint Louis, Oklahoma State,

6: Butler, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, UCLA

7: Colorado State, Virginia Commonwealth, Memphis, Creighton

8: North Carolina, Oregon, Illinois, North Carolina State

9: San Diego State, Minnesota, Missouri, Cincinnati

10: Colorado, California, Oklahoma, Villanova

11: Wichita State, Saint Mary’s, Temple, Iowa State, Boise State

12: Belmont, Ole Miss, Akron, La Salle, Middle Tennessee

13: Bucknell, New Mexico State, Davidson, Valparaiso

14: South Dakota State, Montana, Northwestern St, Harvard

15: Iona, Pacific, Florida Gulf Coast, Albany

16: Western Kentucky, LIU Brooklyn, James Madison, Southern, North Carolina A&T, Liberty 

Last Four In: Iowa State, Boise State, La Salle, Middle Tennessee

First Four Out: Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Massachusetts

Next Four Out: Alabama, Baylor, Southern Miss, Maryland


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