Buckeye’s 3/17 Noon Bracket

My second to last bracket of the year, just a few seeding changes from this morning after reviewing some more profiles (it is worth noting that the order they are in on the line is not important and has no relevance to where I see them on the line for this bracket):


1: Duke, Indiana, Gonzaga, Louisville,

2: New Mexico, Georgetown, Miami FL, Kansas

3: Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Florida

4: Syracuse, Arizona, Kansas State, Marquette

5: Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, UNLV, Saint Louis

6: Virginia Commonwealth, Butler, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame

7: Colorado State, UCLA, North Carolina, Memphis

8: Oregon, Illinois, Creighton, North Carolina State

9: Cincinnati, Missouri, Minnesota, San Diego State

10: California, Villanova, Colorado, Oklahoma

11: Wichita State, Temple, Iowa State, Saint Mary’s

12: Belmont, Akron, Boise State, La Salle, Middle Tennessee, Ole Miss 

13: Valparaiso, Davidson, New Mexico State, Bucknell

14: South Dakota State, Harvard, Northwestern St, Montana

15: Albany, Pacific, Iona, Florida Gulf Coast

16: LIU Brooklyn, Southern, Liberty, North Carolina A&T, James Madison, Western Kentucky

First Four Out: Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Massachusetts

Next Four Out: Alabama, Baylor, Southern Miss, Maryland


Changes That Were Made From This Morning:

New Mexico Up, Florida Down

UCLA Up, Virginia Commonwealth Down

Villanova Up, Saint Mary’s Down

Akron Up, Bucknell Down

Valparaiso Up, Northwestern St. Down


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