Buckeye’s Bracket 3/6

Hope you all are having a great day!


1: Duke, Indiana, Gonzaga, Kansas

2: Miami FL, Michigan, Florida, Georgetown

3: New Mexico, Kansas State, Michigan State, Louisville

4: Syracuse, Arizona, Marquette, Ohio State

5: Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, UNLV

6: Virginia Commonwealth, Oregon, Butler, Saint Louis

7: Minnesota, UCLA, North Carolina State, Notre Dame

8: Colorado State, Memphis, San Diego State, Missouri

9: Cincinnati, Illinois, Creighton, California

10: UNC, Oklahoma, Saint Mary’s, Colorado

11: Wichita State, Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, Temple

12: Belmont, La Salle, Boise State, Ole Miss, Virginia, Iowa State 

13: Akron, Bucknell, Louisiana Tech, Stephen F. Austin 

14: Valpariaso, South Dakota State, Harvard, Davidson

15: Stony Brook, Montana, Long Beach State, Northeastern

16: Robert Morris, Niagra, Mercer, Southern, High Point, Norfolk State

First Four Out: Villanova, Tennessee, Maryland, BYU, 

Next Four Out: Massachusetts, Iowa, Arizona State, Baylor, 

Third Four Out: Southern Miss, Charlotte, Providence, Alabama

Also Considered: Arkansas, Denver, Indiana State, LSU, Air Force, Stanford, Wyoming, Xavier, Texas A&M, New Mexico State, Saint Johns


Quick Analysis: Ohio State’s win over Indiana was enough to move them up to a four. After considering whether or not I should bring down Arizona or Marquette, I decided on Oklahoma State as I think there is a rule you can only have one OSU per seed line (this is a joke and should not be criticized). Iowa has significantly helped their chances with that win over Illinois and now finds themselves as my sixth team out. Arkansas looked bad yesterday and they along with St. Johns are on the thinnest of ices. Basically all the teams in my “also considered” are longshots that I don’t see getting in, I just like every conceivable option to be there. At this point though, I see 14 spots for 37 teams. Yes 37 is still a lot but it can only shrink from here. 9 line down is still considered bubble besides Illinois who despite their loss should still consider themselves safe.

Happy Bracketing!


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