HTTV Bracket: 3/1

1: Indiana, Gonzaga, Duke, Miami FL
2: Kansas, Florida, Georgetown, Michigan State
3: Louisville, New Mexico, Arizona, Michigan
4: Syracuse, Kansas State, Wisconsin, Marquette
5: Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Butler, UNLV
6: Saint Louis, Pittsburgh, Colorado State, Notre Dame
7: Minnesota, Illinois, Oregon, NC State
8: Memphis, VCU, UCLA, San Diego State
9: Missouri, North Carolina, Colorado, Oklahoma
10: Wichita State, Cincinnati, Creighton, California
11: St. Mary’s, Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, Iowa State
12: Temple, La Salle, Belmont, Virginia, Mississippi, Southern Miss
13: Akron, Louisiana Tech, Bucknell, Stephen F. Austin
14: Valparaiso, Davidson, South Dakota State, Harvard
15: Stony Brook, Montana, Long Beach State, Niagara
16: Northeastern, Mercer, Robert Morris, Southern, Charleston Southern, Norfolk State

LAST FOUR IN: Southern Miss, Mississippi, Virginia, Temple

FIRST FOUR OUT: Villanova, Tennessee, Boise State, Baylor


2 thoughts on “HTTV Bracket: 3/1

  1. I don’t understand why “bad losses” is such a valued criterion. Once you’re in the tourney, if you’re higher than a 3 seed, you don’t play bad teams; you play good teams (ie teams with <100 RPI). In UVA's case, why does it matter (relative to other criteria) that they have A loss (that's right, only one) to a team with an RPI above 160, when against RPI top-100 teams, they're 7-2?

    1. It is important because some members of the committee want teams that have shown up consistently. Having good wins is often more important than having bad losses, but not being able to beat a team such as Old Dominion looks bad. In the end, each committee member views things differently, some value good wins more while others care more about consistency.

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