Buckeye’s Bracket 2/28

This is for all games that have occurred on 2/27 or earlier. Feel free to comment if you have an opinion, all comments lead to me analyzing teams closer.

1: Duke, Indiana, Gonzaga, Kansas

2: Miami FL, Louisville, Florida, Michigan State

3: New Mexico, Syracuse, Georgetown, Michigan

4: Arizona, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin

5: Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Marquette, Butler 

6: North Carolina State, Colorado State, Oregon, Notre Dame

7: Minnesota, Saint Louis, UNLV, Virginia Commonwealth

8: UCLA, Cincinnati, San Diego State, Illinois

9: Memphis, Kentucky, Missouri, Colorado

10: Oklahoma, Saint Mary’s, Creighton, Wichita State

11: Iowa State, UNC, Middle Tennessee, Ole Miss

12: Belmont, Akron, Temple, California, La Salle

13: Bucknell, Louisiana Tech, Stephen F. Austin, Tennessee, Virginia

14: Valpariaso, South Dakota State, Harvard, Davidson

15: Stony Brook, Montana, Long Beach State, Northeastern

16: Robert Morris, Niagra, Mercer, Southern, High Point, Norfolk State

Last Four In: California Vs. La Salle (12 Seeds) and Tennessee Vs. Virginia (13 Seeds)

First Five Out: Baylor, BYU, Villanova, Boise State, Maryland

Next Five Out: Arizona State, Iowa, Southern Miss, Alabama, Saint Johns

Third Five Out: Massachusetts, LSU, Charlotte, Indiana State, New Mexico State

Fourth Five Out: Arkansas, Xavier, Air Force, Stanford, UCF

Also Considered: Ohio, Wyoming, Murray State, Utah State, North Dakota State, Western Michigan, Providence, Eastern Kentucky, Northwestern State


3 thoughts on “Buckeye’s Bracket 2/28

  1. Just a thought here….Saint Louis has beaten your 5 seed Butler twice (once home, and once away), destroyed your 3 seed New Mexico in a game that wasn’t even very close, more than handled 7 seed Virginia Commonwealth in one of the few games where VCU has looked bad at any point over the last 2-3 years. They’re 5-2 against your projected tournament teams, and have several more wins over the listed “also-ran” teams. How the heck are they not a 4 or 5 seed? Even if you say they should stay where they’re at, how in the world is Butler seeded ahead and VCU seeded the same? In the best tests available, Saint Louis prevailed against those teams. Just seems odd from where I sit.

    1. Michael – Thank you for your comment. I agree that St. Louis is impressive. In your argument however, you failed to list any of the things that hold St. Louis back. Things such as home losses to Santa Clara and Rhode Island as well as losses to Kansas, Washington and Temple. That is three losses to teams that won’t make the tournament and one against a team on the bubble. When we compare that to Butler or Virginia Commonwealth we see Butler has one loss to a team that won’t make the tournament (although one could argue Xavier is still a bubble team) and two losses against teams on the bubble (Charlotte and La Salle) while Virginia Commonwealth has one loss to a team that won’t make the tournament (Richmond) and one loss to a team on the bubble (La Salle).

      We can also look at the most quality wins between St Louis and Butler (I won’t include VCU as St. Louis beats them there)
      St. Louis: New Mexico, Butler, VCU
      Butler: Indiana, Gonzaga, Marquette

      One could argue that all three of Butler’s best wins are better than St Louis’ best win.

      It is also worth noting that VCU has a better Pomeroy rating while Butler has a better RPI.

      Don’t get me wrong, St. Louis has a great resume and can easily make there way up as high as a four seed when this is all said and finished. But for today I think a 7 is fitting.

      1. Thanks for your intelligent, well thought-out response. In light of your expanded basis for your selections, at what point are actual comparable results taken into account? Wouldn’t head-to-head matchups and then common opponents serve as the best method of directly comparing the quality of teams when isolated from the rest of the field? I love all the statistics and analyzing them six ways to Sunday but when the rubber hits the road it’s all about being the better team on the floor. I realize we don’t see eye to eye here, but in my book there is no way that Butler or VCU, based on what we know and have seen to this point, are better teams where it counts than Saint Louis.

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