Buckeye’s Bracket 2/23

Sorry I didn’t post a bracket for awhile, I was out of town and didn’t really have time to manipulate things. Here is my bracket. This has been updated for all games up and including Friday, February 22nd.


1: Duke, Indiana, Miami FL, Gonzaga

2: Florida, Michigan, Kansas, Michigan State

3: Arizona, Syracuse, Georgetown, Louisville,

4: New Mexico, Kansas State, Marquette, Wisconsin

5: Ohio State, North Carolina State, Oklahoma State, Butler, 

6: Wichita State, Virginia Commonwealth, Oregon, Notre Dame

7: Memphis, Pittsburgh, UNLV, Colorado State, 

8: UCLA, Cincinnati, San Diego State, Illinois

9: Creighton, Missouri, Kentucky, Oklahoma

10: Colorado, Iowa State, Minnesota, Saint Mary’s

11: Saint Louis, UNC, Middle Tennessee, Baylor

12: Belmont, Ole Miss, Temple, California, La Salle, Villanova 

13: Bucknell, Akron, Louisiana Tech, Stephen F. Austin

14: Valpariaso, South Dakota State, Harvard, Davidson

15: Stony Brook, Montana, Long Beach State, Northeastern

16: Robert Morris, Niagra, Mercer, Southern, High Point, Norfolk State


First Five Out: Virginia, Maryland, BYU, Arizona State, Southern Miss

Next Five Out: Indiana State, Iowa, New Mexico State, Saint Johns, Alabama

Third Five Out: Charlotte, Stanford, Tennessee, Arkansas, Ohio, 

Fourth Five Out: Boise State, Wyoming, Massachusetts, UCF, Air Force 

Also Considered: Murray State, Utah State, Tulane, Santa Clara, Xavier, Western Illinois, Lehigh, Texas A&M, North Dakota State, Florida State, LSU, UTEP, Western Michigan, Providence, Northern Iowa, Eastern Kentucky, Northwestern State


2 thoughts on “Buckeye’s Bracket 2/23

  1. So, admitted Saint Louis fan, my perspective someone narrowed…you’re latest seeding includes Friday’s games. SLU just beat Butler for the 2nd time (last night), and beat VCU the game before this week…yet their seeds are 5 & 6 respectively. What’s your thinking of having SLU at 11? I understand Rhode Island was a bad (OT) loss, but that was 10 games ago.

    ps SLU also beat New Mexico a #4 seed in your pool.

    Thanks, interested in your opinion.

    1. Steve, if I am being 100% honest with you, it was basically just an oversight. I knew they had gone on a streak recently so their position was cemented in my mind, but for some reason I never really reflected it in my bracket. You will notice in my new bracket a substantial jump. Thank you for reading!

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