Final Thoughts on Bracket and Upset Picks

Well, the bracket is in and although I would like to blame my pretty poor performance on the fact that I was out of the continent, I don’t think it made ALL too much of a difference. I ended up getting a Paymon score of 307, and I honestly don’t think I could have even gotten to 315 had I been here. This just wasn’t my year but I will be back and trying hard next year in order to pass up HTTV who has now taken the lead from me. Overall though, the only big mistakes I thought were made were that Colorado should have been in over VCU and a couple of terrible seeds like Butler getting an 8, Michigan getting an 8, and Penn State getting a 10. Oh and Florida getting a 2, although some people were okay with that, that made me mad. Oh well, hopefully my picks do well!

Big Upset Picks: St. Peters over Purdue in Round 1, Michigan State to the Sweet 16, Only One Two Seed in The Sweet 16, Georgetown and Saint Johns to the Elite 8, and All Four Number One Seeds In The Final Four!


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