Buckeyes Final Bracket!

Okay Guys, So I know this is WAYYYYY too early for a final bracket but I’m going to be on an extremely long plain ride and won’t have an option.  Luckily only one game tomorrow changes the scenario so here is what I’m going to do. This is the bracket assuming Richmond beats Dayton, if Dayton wins, put them in as a 12 seed and push Georgia out. I hope the matrix will allow for this one scenario since it is the only thing I can do. I have enjoyed presenting these for you guys and I can’t wait for next year!

The Seeds:

1. Kansas, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame

2. BYU, Texas, San Diego State, Duke

3. North Carolina, Florida, Syracuse, Purdue

4. Connecticut, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Louisville

5. Arizona, Saint Johns, Georgetown, Texas A&M

6. West Virginia, Cincinnati, Xavier, Vanderbilt

7. Temple, Missouri, UNLV, Kansas State

8. George Mason, Utah State, Washington, Old Dominion

9. Villanova, UCLA, Illinois, Florida State

10. Tennessee, Marquette, Richmond, Gonzaga

11. Butler, Saint Mary’s, Michigan State, Michigan

12. Memphis, Alabama, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Colorado, Georgia

13. Princeton, Indiana State, Belmont, Oakland

14. Akron, Bucknell, Morehead State, Wofford

15. Northern Colorado, Long Island, St. Peters, Long Beach State

16. UNC-Asheville, AR-Little Rock, Boston, Texas-SA, Hampton, Alabama State

Last Four In: Virginia Tech, Penn State, Colorado, Georgia

First Four Out: Clemson, Boston College, UAB, USC


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