HTTV Updates

I did an update on both my bracket and my power rankings. Basically both what I think will happen and my opinion of the best teams in the nation


1: Duke, Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh

2: Kansas State, Syracuse, Georgetown, Tennessee

3: Connecticut, Michigan State, San Diego State, Kentucky



Rising: BYU, Syracuse, Wisconsin

Falling: West Virginia, Notre Dame, Minnesota



One thought on “HTTV Updates

  1. if you have BYU rising, then move them on up…

    any team that goes on the road and beats teams like BYU has been doing should be ranked higher then a 6 seed. Consider the fact that are doing it with starters Collingsworth and Heartsock out of action due to injuries.

    Fredette opens the floor by killing double teams and gets wide open looks for his teammates. BYU ranks #2 nationally in lowest turnovers and they value every trip up the floor, combine that with a very stingy defense, I see this as the Butler from last year.

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