Random Rant #2 Saint Mary’s

Forgive me if I am off base, but i don’t see the hype around Saint Mary’s right now. I guess it is possible that I am missing something as 17 of the 18 (I am the one) of the bracketologists currently have Saint Mary’s in the field. I guess I can understand a couple, but everyone except me is ridiculous. There record is good but not great (7-2). They have a win over Saint Johns but after that their best win is against Texas Tech. They lost to San Diego State by double digits (14), and their rebounds are struggling a little bit. I am not saying they aren’t a good team, clearly they are, and I actually believe there is a good chance they will get an at large bid when all is said and done (purely because of their easy schedule from here on out) but I do not think that as of right now they are one of the best 37 (number of at large bids) in the nation. Which means that the only way they would get in for me, is if they win the West Coast, and I’m sticking by Gonzaga…for now.




One thought on “Random Rant #2 Saint Mary’s

  1. I was going to post on why you have St Marys out of the field of 64 (and then I found your blog on them.
    I have watched Gonzaga play several games as well as St Marys. I would put St Marys ahead of them, seems to me that Gonzaga just does not have the talent this year.

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