December 3rd Buckeye Bracket Revised

Here is my REVISED bracket for December 3rd! I worked pretty hard on this one so I hope you guys enjoy (again!)

The Seeds:

1. Duke, Kansas, Pittsburgh, Ohio State

2. Kentucky, Villanova, Kansas State, Syracuse

3. Purdue, Michigan State, Georgetown, Tennessee

4. Baylor, Memphis, Illinois, San Diego State

5. Texas, Missouri, Connecticut, Washington

6. Gonzaga, BYU, Wisconsin, Butler

7. North Carolina, Florida, West Virginia, Minnesota

8. Wichita State, Temple, Virginia Tech, Vanderbilt

9. Texas A&M, Arizona, UNLV, Notre Dame

10. Maryland, Xavier, Florida State, Richmond

11. Clemson, Utah State, New Mexico, Louisville,

12. North Carolina State, Mississippi State, Ohio, Central Florida, Northwestern,

13. Cincinnati, Massachusetts, Old Dominion, Oakland, Murray State,

14. Charleston, Pacific, Harvard, North Texas

15. Hampton, Coastal Carolina, Sam Houston State, Vermont

16. American, Robert Morris, Lipscomb, Weber State, Fairfield, Alabama A&M

Last Four In: Central Florida, Northwestern, Cincinnati, Massachusetts

First Four Out: Southern Mississippi, Cleveland State, Virginia Commonwealth, Oklahoma State,

Next Four Out: Dayton, Georgia, Washington State, Marquette

Also Considered: Boise State, Hawaii, South Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri State, Kent State, UAB, James Madison, Ole Miss, Miami (Fl), Seton Hall, Saint Johns, LSU, Saint Mary’s, East Carolina

First Four Games:

Central Florida Vs. Massachusetts

Cincinnati Vs. Northwestern

Lipscomb Vs. Alabama A&M

Weber State Vs. Fairfield


Forgive me for my mistake on the other bracket, this one has been updated only to account for games through december 6th (it is not perfect because I wanted to get this out fast, so forgive me and I will be back on track in my next one) Also feel free to leave comments because if you do (as Chris may notice from his) I look closely at the teams that you guys tell me about and I may just take your advise!


2 thoughts on “December 3rd Buckeye Bracket Revised

  1. you still have virginia tech in and virginia is an also considered? tech is 5-4 (0-1) with a home loss to virginia; virginia is 6-3 with road wins over #30 rpi minnesota and VT, and no particularly bad losses (MoV not withstanding). I find it hard to imagine a scenario where tech finishes with enough acc wins to make the tourney in a down league this season, and certainly any “season ending today” bracket would not have them in either. Explain to me a scenario where VT makes the tourney over Virginia.

    1. Thanks for your response, I can see you are a student at Virginia and therefore have an interest in the situation. Here is my reasoning for having Virginia Tech in while having Virginia out. Yes, Virginia does have that ever important head to head victory, but if you look at the losses for Virginia compared to the losses for Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech clearly has the better of the situation. Virginia has lost to Washington which is expected, Wichita State which is bad but not terrible and Stanford which is a bad loss…very bad. Those three add up to seven losses. Virginia Tech’s losses are to Kansas State, UNLV, and Purdue who combine for only three losses (in addition to the aforementioned Virginia game). So given the fact that I believe Virginia Tech will beat Virginia when they play again in February, there is no reason for me to have Virginia ahead as their losses (especially the one to Stanford) prove they aren’t that good of a team going forward.

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